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About us

Stretching from the misty hills of the tropical rain forests of Shillong overlooking the scenic beauty of the pines, Windermere Inn, a property of Windermere Resorts, prides itself for uncompromising hospitality and an overwhelming experience of nostalgia ranging from comfort, sophistication, and elegance.


The Founder always had a strong belief in maintaining the balance between good food and warm hospitality that results in an everlasting experience at a resto bar and thus, happened the birth of Bistro 16, a facility at Windermere Inn. With fresh produce and a dynamic menu with seasonal specials, Bistro 16 is a place to relish cuisines to tinker your taste buds while enjoying some classic brews. The passion and desire for healthy genuine eating ultimately became contagious under the Bistro 16 brand. The mission was always clear; To feed people wholesome real ingredients that make the biggest impact of the day. Not only a lot of care is put to what you eat but we care about the effect and consequences that food production has on the environment. Choose from a wide variety of regular specials on the menu or one of the days special by the Chef. Bistro 16 consists of crafted furniture, mellow aesthetics with comfortable seating arrangements and a bar boasting a wide range of refreshments and beverages.